Bitcoin and Litecoin arrive on Pornhub

Verge and Tron for porn
Many will remember the story that involved Pornhub when PayPal, the digital payment giant, removed support for this platform forcing it to find other solutions.

At the time a stablecoin, Tether (USDT), was added, and precisely the one based on Tron’s blockchain, so a very fast solution with low fees.

The news was also taken up by Justin Sun, pointing out that 10% of actors prefer this payment method.

Another asset used by Pornhub is Verge (XVG), with which about 15 thousand transactions have been made on Pornhub, as Verge’s CEO, Justin Sunerok, commented in an interview with us some time ago.

And today we have added 2 of the most famous, long-lived assets known by many users and who knows that we may see an increase in these transactions in the future.

The news obviously did not go unnoticed and also the founder of Litecoin (LTC), Charlie Lee who immediately shared the news.

When will Ethereum on Pornhub?

Interesting to scroll through the comments under the post of Pornhub, where we can read about other cryptos that are proposed as Sushi, or Ethereum (ETH).

In the latter case, however, some people point out that it would be too expensive a choice given its fees. Who knows if one day we will be able to see PornVisory’s token as a means of payment, since it is a project dedicated to the red light sector.

What is certain is that in porn the use of crypto is a very valid tool, if we consider the immediate anonymity of payments.