The funniest 9 memes about Bitcoin on the internet

Bitcoin worth a lamborghini and ‚I am Satoshi‘ are among the most entertaining montages in the social networks about the cryptomime market.

Bitcoin is the most famous cryptomeda on the market, and its popularity has already earned a few memes on the internet. From unimaginable prices to caricatures that have won social networks, some memes are already part of Bitcoin history.

So, in a publication in the Medium, the website elected which are the nine most popular memes of Bitcoin on the internet, check it out:
Magic money

Those who don’t know Bitcoin may believe that cryptomime „is magic money“. Although it’s been over ten years since its creation, there are many ‚legends‘ before BTC.

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And one of them refers to Bitcoin as a „magic money“. Considered a great meme of cryptomoeda, a simple design of a security wizard a stick with the Bitcoin symbol can be considered a great promoter of cryptomoeda some years ago.

In the United States the movement to popularize the Bitcoin made the coin earn an honorable comparison with the badger animal of honey. Considered a mammal of great resistance, the honey badger is considered a brave mammal that is resistant even to the poison of some venomous snakes.

Thus, Bitcoin was considered the „honey badger of money“, in a free association of cryptomime with the animal, common in the United States. Even billboards were spread with the Bitcoin symbol and the honey badger.

The greatest mystery about Bitcoin is related to its creator, known as Satoshi Nakamoto. Nobody knows the true identity of the man who gave life to cryptomoeda, and Satoshi can be the name of a group of developers.

However, what else exists are people who declare themselves „I am Satoshi“, making this a great meme with Bitcoin. Elon Musk is among the most famous people who have assumed the identity of the creator of Bitcoin.

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Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

John McAfee launches the WHACKD – a cryptomeda from meme ‚Epstein didn’t kill himself

Hodl of Bitcoin

This meme became more eternalized as a life philosophy, the investment strategy of holding the balance in cryptomoedas gained ascension in the market soon after the first years after Bitcoin was created.

In this way, hodl means to keep Bitcoin, being hodler the one who practices this investment strategy, waiting for the right moment of valuation of cryptomoeda. From religion to strategy, the word is considered one of the best known memes in this market.

A printer that looks more like a ‚mass roll‘ accompanies this meme, which appears next to a graph with the price of Bitcoin in a wave of appreciation. In this case, the meme was born as a provocation to the fiduciary currencies, which can be printed in an uncontrolled way by governments like the United States.

In contrast, Bitcoin has its issuance limited to 21 million units, always practically impossible to change this rule that makes cryptomoeda an asset of rare value.