Vitalik Buterin entered a chess battle with Master FIDE

Ethereum co-founder Vitaly Buterin played a chess game with Canada’s national team player Alexandra Botez live on Twitch.


Botez has the FIDE Master title and is a five-time Canadian Champion among girls. She defied Botez after a series of podcasts on the Ethereum blockbuster.

„I am a chess streamer and a big fan of your work. I have heard from some people that you play chess quite well! It would be a great honour to play with you,“ she wrote.

Despite the title of Alexandra Botez, some users assumed that Vitalik Buterin has chess techniques and is able to successfully resist it:

„Vitalik knows more than 2,500 moves, he just has never played a rating match.

In 2019, Buterin made his debut in „1.58-dimensional chess“ on the pyramidal plane.

Forecast markets accepted bets on a game between Boutin and Botez, calling it the „king vs. queen“ game. The preferences of Yieldwars users turned out to be on the side of Alexandra Botez, while Omen Prediction Markets players were confident that Buterin would win.

Alexandra Botez won the game.

Source: YieldWars.

Recall that in 2016 a group of students from Berlin Technical University played a chess match using software based on the Ethereum blockbuster.

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